Happy Attendees Say:

Everything podcasting is at its core.

Sarah Morio

Thank you Elsie and Jess for the history making She Podcasts Live conference. It was everything that podcasting is at its core: fun, inspiring and freeing wrapped up in community. We were so proud of being able to be a part of it all!⠀- Sarah, Libsyn

Moved to action.

Neetal Parekh

Co-founders Elsie and Jess have empowered podcasters and encouraged women, through the podcast they co-host, the communities they engage online, and through their first event last week, She Podcasts Live. A joy to see their love and compassion for each other, their yin and yang senses of humor, and their readiness to be honest and vulnerable.⁣⁣Thank you, Elsie and Jess. We are moved to action 💪💪🏽💪🏾🎙✨✨- Neetal Parekh

An honor to be around so much feminine energy.

Molly Ruland

I've had so much fun at She Podcasts Live in Atlanta. I've interviewed so many amazing women, it was incredible. What an honor to be around so much positive feminine energy, it was a true gift. ..Ready to come back to DC with fresh energy and a whole new arsenal of amazing women to be successful with.

Course curriculum

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    Welcome To The Virtual Ticket!

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    • PodConfident

    • No More Money Drama! How to end your struggle with money and create the income & freedom you deserve

    • Podcast Rules Were Meant For Breaking

    • Creativity & Dreams: A Self-Discovery Workshop for Goal-Setting

    • Fierce Grace: Unleash Your Power, Presence & Purpose Into the World Now

    • Editing Panel - Editors Extraordinaire

    • 5 Keys to Creating an Amazing Podcast On a Budget

    • Creative Content Jump Start - An Energetic Dive Into the Heart of Your Show

    • Now What?! How to Prioritize and Implement All You’ve Learned

    • Lemming Free Zone: Being Unique in Podcasting

    • The Real ROI: Developing Your Personal Power Through Podcasting

    • The Dirty F Word: Rising above Fear to create Fulfillment

  • 3


    • Crafting A Content Strategy That Grows Your Business

    • My Co-Host Is My Bestie...What Could Go Wrong? : How To Work Well & Stay Friends While Building A Podcasting Business

    • Narrative Editing for the Independent Podcaster

    • Rewire Your Brain for Podcast Prosperity & Monetization

    • Taking Money & Making Money

    • Let Me Tell You a Story: The power of storytelling, what it is, why it works, and how to captivate your audience every single episode.

    • Embracing Your Mess In An Unforgiving Culture Of Perfection

    • How To Achieve Your Ultimate Alignment Through Your Core Values

    • Podcasting On A Roller Coaster - What To Do When Life Intrudes On A Long-Standing Show

    • Podcasting as a spiritual adventure: how to navigate the ups and downs of the journey and keep the podcasting fervor alive

    • Health Podcasting 101: How To Create Influence and Impact in the Wellness Space

    • Evade the Fade: Beat Burnout and Stay Consistent with Your Show Despite Family, Work, and Haters

    • PRX: Feedback is a Gift - Pitch Session/Creative Review

    • Vocal Leadership Techniques for Podcasters

    • With a Great Podcast Comes Great Responsibility

    • Recording Environment: 11 Ways to Capture Quality Audio When You Don’t Have a Studio

    • Pinterest for Podcasters

  • 4


    • Master Class: How To Grow Your Podcast Brand Online Like A Boss and Find Your Perfect Audience

    • How to Grow a Thriving Community with Your Podcast

    • Influence + Authority: Insider Media Tips To Build a Platform That Gets You Both

    • How to Start Treating Your Podcast Like a Business

    • Leveraging Your Podcast to Land Speaking Gigs and Gain Followers

    • How to Pitch Your Podcast for Media Coverage

    • Instagram: Unlocking the Secrets to 100,000 followers

    • Grow Your Community: Amplify Women's Voices

    • How to Sell on Your Podcast without Sounding like a Sleazeball

    • How to Use YouTube as A Podcaster

    • Get Booked on TV and Other Media: Leveraging Your Podcast

    • The Future of Podcasting is {F}email - Using Email Marketing to Amplify Your Voice

    • Panel: Pitching TV & Podcast Networks

    • QUICK, EASY and EFFECTIVE ways to promote your podcast

    • Building Your Social Strategy for Podcast Growth

    • Power in the Process: Creating an Efficient Process for You and Your Guests

    • 3 Ways to Use LinkedIn to PowerUp Your Podcast

  • 5


    • Sell Out Your Products, Programs, & Services with Your Podcast

    • From Podcast To Book

    • How to Deliver Live Events for your Audience

    • Step Into Thought Leadership: Become a Sought-After Expert

    • Grow Your Community: Amplify Women's Voices

    • What History Can Teach You About How to Build a Successful Podcast

    • Bringing It Live To Your Community: Creating Live Events That Grow Your Podcast and Connect With Your Listeners

    • Building Authentic, Profitable Podcast Partnerships: Growing a Six-Figure Podcast in a Niche Industry

    • Creative Money: Smart Ways to Sell Your Show from Successful Podcasting Insiders

  • 6


    • Women Supporting Women

    • Social Justice Podcasting—From Emotions to Actions in 5Ps

    • For Us, By Us (A Women Of Color Panel Discussion)

    • Psyche Rap: The Psychology of Podcasting & Online Community Building

    • Showing Up In Imperfect Allyship

    • What's in Your Purse: Tools and Tips to Create and Build a Rock-Solid Community

    • The Empowered Female Podcaster: Owning Your Voice and Authority

    • Let’s Get Intersectional! Bringing Your Best Feminist Self to Podcasting

    • Raising Your Voice Across Cultures : Podcasting for Global Audiences

    • Motherhood + Podcasting

    • Reporting The Industry

  • 7


    • Your Voice Is A Gift sponsored by WarnerMedia

    • Namaste, Beautiful: Creating Your Own Version of Podcast Success

    • The Podcasting Wage Gap - and What We Can Do About It

    • Storytelling Fundamentals for Riveting Content

    • PRX: Feedback is a Gift - Pitch Session/Creative Review

  • 8

    Special Presentations

    • PRX Presents: Cocktails and Cancer

    • PRX Presents: Bottom of the Map

    • PRX Presents: The Colored Girl Beautiful

    • PRX: Telling the Story of Your Podcast So Others Will Listen

    • Unladylike LIVE: How to Smash the Pod-triarchy (...Before It's Too Late)